About the OLF-8 Site

Site Scale Comparison

Most people underestimate the size of an undeveloped site. Scale comparisons help envision a site’s potential. Using this scale comparison study, we show the size of the OLF-8 site in relation to other well-known places.  

Click on the images below to see just how big this site really is! 


Office Parks & Technology Campuses

What else fits on the OLF8 Site? Take a look!

Zoning & Future Land Use

A variety of zoning categories and Future Land Uses (FLU) surround the OLF-8 site. 

The Future Land Use (FLU) indicates the intended use and development density for a specific area. The Zoning designation is more specific, and defines the allowed uses, design and development guidelines for the area.  

The current zoning for the project site itself is called ‘Public‘ which is the zoning category applied to publicly owned lands.

Site Constraints

As is common with most development sites, the OLF-8 site has a few constraints, which include wetlands, floodplain, as well as a few others, as illustrated on the image below.