The Commerce Plan

Watch the video below for an overview of this plan, and view further details below. You can also view and comment using our interactive map tool.

Key Plan Elements

This is the plan that develops the site exclusively for a commerce park, life-style center (for your downtown) and recreational amenities.  

  • Organization – A lifestyle center of retail shops along pedestrian-oriented streets is located near 9-Mile Rd, and commerce park uses are located north nearer to Frank Reeder, where the site is relatively flat.
  • Marketability – This plan far exceeds market capacity for commerce park uses; but one can see where the plan may be reduced or provide for development opportunity into the future for other uses.
  • Walkability – Creates walkable streets where possible, particularly in the southern lifestyle center and the office center spine. Otherwise, the commerce format is not easily compatible with walkability.  A diversity of commerce and industrial type buildings are suggested here.
  • Transportation – The street grid is well organized, however due to the lack of housing each job and business will create a significant amount of car traffic at peak hours along 9 mile and Frank Reeder.
  • Environment – The plan preserves open space along the edges, but the format requires substantial surface parking which results in excess water run-off.
  • Edges – Edges to the north, west, and south remain open with trails. To the east the edge includes a few future street connections near 9-Mile Rd but does not buffer further north where substantial tree stands border the site’s edge.
  • Innovation – Flexibility in the block structure is the key innovation, where the plan could adjust to accommodate other uses.

Plan and Plan Diagrams