Dec to Jan 2021: Implementation Strategy

The OLF-8 preferred master plan will be accompanied by an implementation plan that can adapt to market and trend changes.  The site’s future zoning and regulatory elements will first and foremost provide a predictable roadmap for developers to follow.  Implementation strategies related to all the various development disciplines may include immediate short, mid and long-term actions, policy and regulatory implications, potential funding sources and public/private responsibilities.  Implementation recommendations may also suggest proposed incremental interventions for early activation and placemaking as part of the overall development strategy.  

Oct to Nov: Scenario Planning

The DPZ team will explore a full range of design opportunities and alternatives through scenario planning, in consultation with community stakeholders and municipal and elected officials. Each resulting master plan will be analyzed using a subjective and objective set of criteria to help inform the design, financial feasibility and potential economic impact of each master plan.  The objective analysis will comprise the technical assessment of each scenario using sustainable and economic impact performance criteria. The subjective analysis involves the evaluation of the merits and demerits of each scenario from a physical design and community standpoint.  

Sept. 2020: Charrette

DPZ will assemble the entire team for a dynamic charrette, with frequent presentations, interactive topical work sessions and intensive design sessions.  The charrette will be held over a minimum of  5 days to encourage the participation of a broad segment of Escambia County residents, officials and others. Stakeholders will be invited to attend an opening, mid-charrette and closing presentation, and to participate in programmed sessions designed to provide opportunities to view and comment on the master plan drawings as progress is made. The Charrette would typically be conducted in a studio space, conveniently situated in Escambia County.  Given the impact of COVID-19, a virtual charrette may be considered.  While different a virtual charrette can similarly be an engaging event, and include a variety of interactive video meetings, online surveys, and visual communication technology.  Such tools are already routinely used by DPZ to supplement traditional in-person methods of engagement.

Current: Assessment and Analysis

The DPZ team will review and analyze prior planning studies, reports, municipal capital improvement projects, and relevant ordinances that may impact the proposed development.   Following the analysis, an assessment of the Land Use and Physical Character; Transportation and Parking; Environmental Concerns and Civil Works/Utility Infrastructure will be undertaken and recommendations captured for the master planning phase.  A market residential and commercial assessment will be conducted to determine the site’s potential in terms of program mix, densities and annual absorption rate.  A robust community engagement plan will also be crafted as part of this initial phase.